Transparent pricing models

We're dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions at every level to support your churn reduction goals. Each tier is designed to empower your team and enhance your merchant relationships.

$10 per merchant / year

Identify Churn Risks: Gain insights into merchants at risk of leaving and uncover the reasons behind their potential churn.
Suggested Actions: Receive actionable recommendations on how to retain each account, tailored to their specific circumstances.
Effective Outreach: Access outreach templates designed to engage merchants identified at-risk, enabling proactive communication.
Team Collaboration:
Enjoy unlimited seats, ensuring your entire customer success team can leverage our solution for collective success.

$25 per merchant / year

Proven Email Campaigns: Let us take the lead with proven email campaigns on your behalf, and we'll notify you when a merchant is ready to book a call. We'll streamline your engagement efforts.
Enhanced Communication:
Leverage our email campaigns to foster meaningful conversations with merchants who are interested in discussing their situation.

$35 per merchant / year

Custom Integrations: Tailor the solution to your unique ecosystem with custom integrations, ensuring seamless interaction with your existing tools.
Product Customizations: Enjoy the flexibility of product customizations that align with your business needs, optimizing your approach to churn reduction.