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Proactive Retention


Understand Merchant Pain Points

Eliminate uncertainty by analyzing the causes for merchant dissatisfaction


Proactively Retain Merchants

Save active merchants likely to churn months before they leave for another competitor


Grow Your Portfolio

Boost the health of your merchant portfolio to reach the next level of growth by retaining more accounts


Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Strengthen merchant relationships to foster more business and increase revenue by minimizing attrition

Retaining merchants
has never been easier

We are firm believers that data can significantly improve merchant relationships in the payments industry

Identify merchants likely to leave your portfolio using AI analysis
Create proactive retention campaigns to save merchants before they churn
Continuously optimize retention strategies based on real-time feedback
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AI Driven Decisioning

Our AI-powered solution dives deep into the wealth of transactional, product, and service data, combined with macroeconomic inputs. By analyzing this comprehensive dataset, we map out the patterns and behaviors of merchant churn. This invaluable insight enables you to understand the underlying reasons behind churn and take proactive measures to prevent it. With AI decisioning, you gain the ability to make informed decisions based on data-driven intelligence, maximizing customer retention and minimizing churn rates.

Suggested Actions

Leveraging the power of our AI/ML engine, our solution goes beyond churn prediction. Based on factors such as the probability of a merchant leaving, the reason for leaving, and the size of the account, our engine suggests tailored actions to mitigate churn. These suggestions empower your team to take the right steps at the right time, ensuring effective retention strategies. By acting on these recommendations, you can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving business growth.

Feedback Loop

Our churn mitigation solution provides a seamless feedback loop, keeping you in control of your retention efforts. Every action you take is directly tracked on our intuitive dashboard. This tracking allows you to monitor the impact of your strategies in real-time and gain valuable insights into their effectiveness. Our AI/ML engine continually recalculates the probability of churn, adapting to the evolving dynamics of your merchant relationships. This iterative feedback loop ensures that you receive the most accurate and relevant recommendations to optimize your retention strategies and achieve long-term success.


Retain customers

Know when and why your customers will leave so you can refine your sales drivers

Increase long-term value

Build trust with your community for the long haul

Increase your sales team efficiency

Provide unique insights to your sales team so they can reach their goals
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“Arcum improved the carrier experience and increased profit margins through guaranteed reimbursements“
Angela Nannenhorn
Senior Director of Accounts Payable - Coyote Logistics
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“Arcum is on track to save us $15k/month and it only took a week to get implemented”
Wade Palmer
COO - Kool Pak
Multi-Award Winning Proactive Retention Solution
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