Improve your revenue
and retain your merchants

With the power of RevMax Studio, you can do both. 
Let us show you.

Actionable data that turns merchants-at-risk
into revenue opportunities.

We use data analytics powered by AI algorithms to accurately determine which of your
merchants are vulnerable to churn, the reasons why and actions that should be taken. 

Manage your merchant portfolio from anywhere.

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We leverage our expertise in machine learning, economics, and payments to empower our clients

We have analyzed over
And seen more than
That adds up to over
in sales volume

AI-Powered proactive retention

Arcum’s AI dives deep into the wealth of transactional, product, and service data, combined with
macroeconomic inputs to map out the patterns and behaviors of future merchant behavior.


Understand Merchant Pain Points

Eliminate uncertainty by analyzing the

causes for merchant dissatisfaction


Proactively Retain Merchants

Save active merchants likely to churn months

before they leave for another competitor


Grow Your Portfolio

Boost the health of your merchant portfolio to reach

the next level of growth by retaining more accounts


Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Strengthen merchant relationships to foster more

business and increase revenue by minimizing attrition

See Results in 3 Easy Steps

Getting started is simple. In 3 steps, you can increase your merchant retention and revenue.

Upload Your Merchant Data

Review the AI-Driven Insights

Implement Recommendations

Some of our Customers

We are growing. Here's a few...

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What our Customers say 

You are in good company. Here's a few of their statements...

  • "Thanks to the insights and actionable recommendations from Arcum's RevMax Studio, we continue to enhance key performance indicators across our merchant portfolio, including retention and revenue, as well as elevating our customer service."

    Daniel Flores

    Daniel Flores

    Chief Financial Officer | Volt Merchant Services
  • “Unlike other churn / retention SaaS products, Arcum offers a more comprehensive and holistic view of the customer journey…”

    Olivia Hall

    Olivia Hall

    Director of Client Success | VizyPay
  • “Working with Arcum is like having a crystal ball. By knowing who and why someone will leave, we can work on improving our client experience and find solutions to problems before it’s too late.”

    Buran Yang C

    Bufan Yang

    Chief Operating Officer | Universal Processing
  • “Vendara incorporates Arcum AI to personalize the merchant experience which helps fortify relationships that help us grow and scale our business. We are excited about the future and Arcum helps us stay ahead of the curve in our growth and retention efforts.”

    Ray Kenney

    Ray Kenney

    SVP, Head of ISV and Partnerships | Vendara

Increase your revenue and improve merchant retention with
AI-Powered solutions from Arcum.