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Arcum Introduces RevMax Studio:

The Groundbreaking AI Customer Service Solution Tailored for the Merchant Payment Sector to Boost Revenue and Detect Churn Risks.

Atlanta, GA. March 7, 2024  Arcum, a pioneer in the merchant services industry, announces the launch of its flagship solution, RevMax Studio. Tailored for payments companies, RevMax Studio aims to strengthen client retention, increase revenue, and enhance overall merchant satisfaction.

CEO and Co-founder, Sebastian Builes, stated, “The merchant payments ecosystem loses $22B in revenue each year due to merchant churn. The average payment processor is experiencing a 20% per year churn rate. Typically, awareness of merchant issues arises too late, often at the point of service cancellation. However, RevMax Studio, forecasts issues well in advance, enabling proactive measures to preserve valuable merchant relationships and unlock additional revenue streams.”

RevMax Studio leverages the power of AI to analyze transactional and macro-economic data to accurately forecast the future behavior of merchants. Three important insights include: identifying merchants at-risk of churn, cross-sales opportunities and improving customer satisfaction.


  • Identify: RevMax Studio dives deep into the wealth of transactional, product, and service data, combined with macroeconomic inputs to map out the patterns and behaviors of future merchant activity.

  • Engage: Based on the predictions, RevMax Studio suggests tailored actions to take with the merchant to be effective.

  • Retain & Grow: RevMax Studio continuously monitors merchant activity and provides feedback via the RevMax Studio platform that lead to strong merchant relationships, solve issues before they become a problem, and offers opportunities to provide additional products and services.
Arcum RevMax Studio Portfolio View


Builes added, “Our customers are achieving a 10x return on their investment within the first six months and an average 1% gain to their revenue. Customer input is vital in our pursuit of continuous innovation. Our Chief Product Officer and co-founder, Tad Zhang, alongside his team, are dedicated to developing superior solutions that we're excited to introduce in the near future.”

About Arcum

Arcum is an innovative AI-driven platform designed to reduce client turnover and improve revenue results in the payments industry, serving acquirers, ISOs, payment facilitators, and other merchant service providers. By leveraging machine learning, Arcum analyzes vast amounts of transactional and macroeconomic data to detect patterns, predicting merchant attrition and suggesting preemptive actions for retention. Its real-time tracking feature allows users to monitor and adjust retention strategies based on feedback, ensuring continuous improvement. With Arcum, customers enhance merchant relationships, foster long-term business growth, and increase revenue by effectively managing and reducing client attrition through data-informed decisions. For more, please visit

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